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Archival quality 11x14 (28x35.5 cm) giclee print. The orignal painting is based the Rainbow Crow, a Lenape legend, which symbolizes the value of selflessness and service.


During a long winter, the animals of the village become worried. They decide to send a messenger to the Great Sky Spirit to ask for relief. The Rainbow Crow, a most beautifully feathered bird, volunteers to make the arduous journey. He travels safely, and is rewarded by the Great Spirit with the gift of fire. He carries the gift in his beak back to his people, but upon his return, he does not appear to be the same bird that he once was. The fire has scorched his plumage black, with only hints of his previous color, and his voice has become rough and hoarse by the smoke. In this way, his sacrifice is remembered.


This painting features a Raven rather than a Crow as a nod to the NorthWest Coast Trickster who stole fire for the people and, in doing so, had his feathers turned black by the soot.

Rainbow Raven - Giclee Print

SKU: dc-00104
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